SLVDR Case Study

Challenge: Launch a new menswear brand in a very crowded field.

Veteran designer Rob Myers, who has worked for DC, Quicksilver and others, decided to create a line of clothing inspired by his upbringing in Southern California. Launching a new surf/contemporary lifestyle menswear line in a crowded marketplace is always difficult, but doing so in a terrible economic climate, with limited resources for marketing, could have been a disaster.


After surveying the marketplace, Flagship and SLVDR made a decision to position the brand as a premium brand at an affordable price. This proved to be auspicious: while numerous menswear brands have come and gone, over the past seven seasons SLVDR’s sales have grown continually. From tastemaker accounts (Fred Segal), to higher end department stores (Bloomingdales), to surf and lifestyle accounts (Saturdays NYC), the combination of an excellent line with a smart retail plan has been unbeatable.


“Flagship (previously 722 Figueroa) has been with me from the beginning, and essential to the success of SLVDR. Chris Josol is a sales wizard, and Willard and his whole team have always made it clear how much SLVDR means to them. Viva Flagship!”

-Rob Myers, Owner and Designer, SLVDR